Interpreting Peterloo


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The link below on this page will take you to a folder containing materials for a three-lesson enquiry for Year 8 students (13/14 year-olds) focused on historical interpretation and representations of the Peterloo Massacre.

The materials were produced by Jen Thornton, Head of History at Loreto Grammar School, and Dr Arthur Chapman, Associate Professor of History at UCL Institute of Education. They were produced in collaboration with the authors of the Peterloo graphic novel Peterloo, Witness to a MassacreProfessor Robert Poole, Polyp (Paul Fitzgerald) and Eva Schlunke – and of the schools version of the book produced by Dr Ben Marsh and Polyp, and free to download here, from the Age of Revolutions Project.

The materials are designed to work with Peterloo: Imagine a World. They are free to download and adapt for use in class.

Access the folder of materials here: Download Link.

The version released here is a prototype – we have been prevented, by the current context, from trialing the materials in class. If you have any feedback that you would be willing to share about the materials we would be delighted to receive it. You can contact us on /

The materials are protected by a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA) licence and may not be exploited for commercial purposes.

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