Realising Big Curricular Ambitions Through Little Curricular Choices, Part 1

1st July 2021, 16:30 – 18:00 BST

Dr Catharine McCrory, UCL Institute of Education

Recent workshops in this series have engaged with current BIG PICTURE thinking about what history curricula in our community of schools look like and why. But we were also keen to zoom in from the big choices about what history to teach, when, how and why, to the nitty gritty of those same decisions on the micro level of curriculum planning. Once teachers have decided what teaching focus to take with what period, place, and people and why, how can they think about planning this 10- or 20-minute segment in this lesson? For our educative goals to become realisable, we need to be thinking on both levels of planning. Each works with the other to amount to our side of the bargain when it comes to what pupils learn.

In this workshop Dr Catherine McCrory will be drawing on her teaching experience and the work of current and past student teachers to offer insights about making the most of what we already do in our day-to-day teaching. The examples and principles are useful for anyone teaching history and are also workable for the purposes of mentoring student-teachers or contributing to colleagues’ cpd.

The ideas explored will not be the hugely useful generic ‘walk throughs’ that share teaching practices such as cold calling or live modelling which are beneficial in various subjects but will be the ‘think throughs’ that are needed if general techniques are going to serve worthwhile history teaching.

The workshop is free and open to all. To join the workshop via Zoom, please follow this link.

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